"If you give me a trustworthy place

                     of infinitely inspiring questions

 I will find a way for my voice to come out"

                       "Priest/ess body is not land

that anyone owns; it is an unconditional

                      site for practice - of, by way of

and for the sake of land"

"Pan indicates places


but not cryptic"

"The Ulterior must be perused in memoir form"




"It was Orchil's spiders

who first affixed me with my Sophianic robe"




"The Holy Grail is where my breath can be topped"




"My hair is the queer trail of my body"




"There is no such thing as opposite jewels"




"Protection is Feminine holding

and penetration is Masculine press"




"I wear sacred compulsion as ceremonial garb"




"How I look is the microphone

and who I am is the song"




"This has required

a lot of manual labor"





     "The phallus


                              fits in the pit


           between the legs"

"We are what makes a

form work for us or not"

Mystical Genders Genre

Supernal Safe Space


   a Memoir of the Ulterior

Priest/ess 2:

   Asymptotic Utopia

      (Dirt Swirls in the Square Soul)

Priest/ess 3:

   Poethics of Merge

      (The Variable Pleasures of the Feminine Divine)

Deluxe Casebound Edition

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Priest/ess 4:

   Tran(s)ophia As Touch

      Fertilizing Back Space