Suffused with delight and an exuberant mischief hastain’s writing will inhabit your imagination with irreverent wonder. As a poet, priest/ess, and pundit of the subconscious, surreal and sensationally sensate, j/j is also a bit of a poltergeist of gender transmission and translocation.

Max Wolf Valerio


"Shadow is the real savior"

"My heart does most of my thinking for me"

"My genitals overlooked, even in some cases used by her to abuse me as the lack"

"God/dess is constant kink-context"


the dangling potency,

the dagger

not used for deaths but for discernment"

"Just as Underworld and Earthen world are adjoining worlds, not separate, I feel the mythic man parts in me are divination by enjoining human queer woman with the God/dess"

"Priest/ess: embodiable contrivance with a will and intuition regarding transposition of bio-matter"

"While dogma is



a church’s

attempt at wisdom,

           energy is

mystery’s wisdom

It is obvious

which I prefer,

                              having made


                                            my way

all the way out

to The Ulterior

as embodiable-altar"


"The third eye



spirit memoir"




"When you

put an egg

around them

they are now

in an egg"




"Star data


crystal manna

are the same frequency"



"Stabilizing my angst

in the abyss


Steadying anxiety

by fractal glizzando"