In j/j hastain’s work there is an insistence on everything, all at once. It is a literature that imagines a trans-identification not just beyond genders but also beyond cultures and stories and literary traditions. What comes out of this is ornate, mythic, full of vivid color, and transcendent.

Juliana Spahr

"Animals the colors of Sophia;

the sentience of Sophia"


"A transitory aspect of divine chemistry:

the lick of women's particles

                      absorbed into form


and then changing that form"

"Ever scrying the spry-Moira"

"Particle women holding Priest/ess from all sides"

"Because their roles are not subjected to time and space but are cosmic it is their roles

which set them free"

"Crone sexuality: an embodied identity inclusive of all faces, lenses, parts, preferences of woman"

"Here the night never leaves me"